Class Notes

September 19, 2013: Introduction

  •  For the first week of class, we went over the basic outline of what we would be learning in class. I’m excited to be able to get a closer look at the emphasis in the communication department and finalize which one I want to pursue. I also enjoyed learning about the different internships available for us, and enjoyed learning how important it is for us to make sure to prepare early. As the more experience we have the easier it is for us to get a job.

September 26, 2013: I-COMM

Brother Johnson

  • This week in class, I was really impressed with the importance of making sure that I am taken all the opportunities to promote my status when I enter into the workplace. Some important things employers will look at is if I ask good questions, listen well, how I manage my time, and how much experience I have. By participating in I-COMM, I am allowing myself to put myself ahead of other Communication graduates as get to have firsthand experience in the field of my choice. I also need to make sure to participate as soon as possible as I need three practicum classes to graduate.

October 3, 2013:  Journalism/News

Lane Williams

  •  Journalists have played an impact throughout our history. Traditional Journalism is a dying art as more and more non-traditional players are starting to play. In order to be successful in the Journalism market you need to be technically sound. Number one tip, is start a blog now. I doesn’t matter about the topic just pick something you enjoy and start writing about it. By doing this you will be able to form natural connections, create content for more than what you do in class, and gain a sense of pride in your work. Make sure to try to at least post to your blog three times a week and your writing skills will be able to continually improve with each post.

October 10, 2013: Visual Communications Emphasis

Sister Esplin

  •  In order to be marketable in the Visual Communication market you need to make sure to have a versatile skill set. This includes graphic design, starting web design, digital imaging, social media marketing, and video. The more versatile you are the better chance you will be hired. Make sure to push yourself in your elective credits so you are able to acquire additional skill sets. Start increasing your Klout score in order to impress future employers with your ability to impact others around you via internet.

October 17, 2013: Broadcast and News  Productions

  • This week in class, we were able to learn about the Broadcast and News Industry. I found this very interesting as there are so many other job opportunities than being in front of the camera. In order to best prepare yourself for this field start learning how to write, start talking in front of a camera, and play around with video shoots on your own time.

October 24, 2013: Public Relations

Michael Cannon

  •  Public Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion about a company based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication. Public Relations often deal with all the complaints, misunderstandings, and harsh feeling toward the company and try them to leave with a better sense of the company. Public Relations work with the following connection on behalf of the company: employees, clients/customers, shareholders, competitors, government, suppliers, band, community, and schools. Random side note, the number one skill set you got to have as Public Relations is writing skills.

October 31, 2013: Advertising

Beth Hendricks

  • The advertising emphasis includes a variety of job offers from analysts, creative directors, sales promotion, event planners, traffic managements, and online and social media consultants. Sister Hendricks made sure to emphasize that Public Relations and Advertising need to get along and as a student make sure to have a basic understanding of the two. Both of these department works closely together as one is trying to sell the product and the other is trying to promote the good about the company. Without good information between the two in will led for a negative campaign.

November 7, 2013: GRAD Plans

Tyler Christensen

  •  In order to graduate you need to have 120 hours. In order to save grief of not reaching the recommended hours BYU-Idaho have provided ways if followed to insure that won’t happen to you. The GRAD Planner is an great tool as it allows you to plan out your schedule and let you see how many credits you should be taking to graduate on time. After creating your GRAD plan, make sure to submit it to the Academic Discovery Center as they approve your GRAD Plan and give you clearance that all the requirements are met.

November 14, 2013: Internshps

  • When dealing with internships the most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure to register before you leave. This way you are insured that you will receive credit for it. One credit requires one-hundred and fifty hours and two credits require two-hundred and fifty hours.   Summer sale positions do not count as Internships and if you have any other questions about what counts ask the Academic Discovery Center. Make sure to utilize the Alumni and check out the mentors as they are willing to help with questions, feedback, and possibly set you up with an internship.

November 21, 2013: Plagiarism and Copy Rights

  • The written word is extremely important and extremely powerful. Do not underestimate how a phrase or publication can affect a group or individual. Over the course of world history, copy rights and plagiarism have formed to protect the writer and the stealing of his words. Copy Rights do not apply to facts, ideas, processes, names, and etc. Automatic copyright is extended when its an original authorship and when its in a tangible form. As a Communication major, I need to be constantly be aware to not plagiarism and to adhere to Copy Rights.  I personally don’t want to see anyone taking my work and making a profit off of it.

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