Week 6

This week was a great week of getting things done. With the extended amount of group time during class our group was better able to get a grasp of what we need to do to stay strong till the end of the class.

For the rest of the semester we are planning to run tests with the app. We were able to secure a website slot and we can start developing a beta of the app. We then are going to start working with the culinary classes to see if we can get people in to start cooking. One of the main challenges that we are going to have with this app is making sure we are up on code.

This week I talked to Patrick from the Idaho State health department. He was one of the individuals who was in charge of creating the cottage food laws. I was able to talk to him about general food safety regulations and realized that there is going to be a lot that we are going to have to overcome to make sure this app is leagal and that no one gets sick.

After talking to Patrick, I am not comfortable with a discliamer on the front of the app. Food can get people sick and I don’t want to be the in the crossroad of someone breaking the law.

Excited for Thanksgiving and what we will get done next week.




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