B383 Week 4

This week our team made great progress in going through and finally nailing down our ideas for our business. Since the begginning of the class we have gone through 4 ideas. Each of these ideas had their own strengths and weaknesses but ultimately they all came up short because we either did not have the passion to follow through or there was no possible way to make money off of it.

As we sat down to put together our Mid-Term Team presentation the revenue issues became aparent to us caused us to pivot to a complete new realm of thought. The Coup has now become the resistance against fast food and take out. Why enjoy cheap alternatives when someone could make you a homecooked meal? This new idea will make reestablish the socialability and excitement from food. Also it will be a great way for individuals to earn a little extra cash.

With this idea there are a lot of different opstacles to it, but I believe if we can work through them we will be able to create something truely great.

At the end of class Friday I had a great reminder from Sam. We can always sit and do customer interview or we can take a jump in a go for it. In the coming weeks I think we are going to try to put together an video and hopefully post it to Kickstarter. This will be an easy way to see if our idea can truely work.



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